Savage Republic
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Independent Project Records Discography
1980 IP001 Project 197 Project 197 7" EP
  IP002 Bridge Bridge 7" EP
1981 IP003 Them Rhythm Ants Them Rhythm Quails 7" EP
1982 IP004 Savage Republic Tragic Figures LP
  IP005/6 Human Hands Human Hands 2 x LP
  IP007 Human Hands Sensible Guy 7"
1983 IP008 Kommunity FK The Vision & The Voice LP
  IP009 Savage Republic Film Noir 7"
  IPTEN Bruce Licher Bridge Soundtrack 1-sided 7"
  IP010/11 Bruce Licher Bridge & Copyright 1980 Soundtrack 7"
1984 IP012 Neef 23 Neef 23 7" EP
  IP013 Savage Republic Tragic Figure 7" EP
  IP014 Party Boys No Aggro LP
1985 IP015 Kommunity FK Close One Sad Eye LP
  IP016 Camper Van Beethoven Telephone Free Landslide Victory LP
  IP017 Ten Foot Faces Don't Want Love 7" EP
1986 IP018 Savage Republic Ceremonial LP
1987 IP019 For Against Echelons LP
  IP020 Woo Whichever Way You Are Going, You Are Going Wrong LP
1988 IP021 Savage Republic Viva La Rock 'n Roll 7"
  IP022 Deception Bay Deception Bay LP
  IP023 For Against December LP / CD
1989 IP024/25 Bruce Licher Independent Projects 2 x 10"
  IP026 Red Temple Spirits New Land 7"
  IP027 Indian Bingo Scatological LP / CD
  IP028 Woo It's Cosy Inside LP / CD
1990 IP029 For Against In The Marshes (Archive 1) 10" EP
  IP030 Indian Bingo/Ambulance IPR 10th Anniversary 7"
  IP031/32 Abecedarians The Other Side of The Fence (Archive 2) 2 x 10"
1991 IP033 Autumnfair Glaciers And Gods (Archive 3) 10" EP
  IP034 Deception Bay Fortune Days (Archive 4) 10" EP
  IP035 Deception Bay My Color Flag LP
  IP036 The Dentists Naked (Archive 5) 10" EP
  IP037 Indian Bingo Big Rock 7"
1992 IP038/39 Savage Republic Live 1991 - 1993 (Archive 6) 2 x 10"
  IP040 For Against Don't Do Me Any Favors 7" EP
  IP041 The Dentists Charms and The Girl 7"
1993 IP042 Half String Eclipse 7" EP
  IP043/44 Fourwaycross Pendulum 10" + 7"
  IP0CD45 For Against Aperture CD
1994 IP046 Scenic The Kelso Run 7" EP
  IP047 Half String Oval 7" EP
  IP048CD Half String Tripped Up Breathing CD EP
  IP049 Alison's Halo Dozen 7"
  IP051CD Tone Build CD
1995 IP050/CD Scenic Incident at Cima LP / CD
  IP052CD Half String Eclipse*Oval*Hue CD
1996 IP053CD Jeffrey Clark Sheer Golden Hooks CD
  IP054/CD Scenic Sage/Another Way 7" / CD EP
  IP055CD Scenic Acquatica CD
  IP056CD Tone Sustain CD
  IP057CD Half String A Fascination With Heights CD
  IP058/CD Scenic/Lanterna In Live Performance 7" / CD EP
1997 IP059CD For Against Shelf Life CD
1999 IP060 Stereolab The In Sound 7"