24-Hours of Live Drone

Saturday, Mayhem 31 from Midnight to Midnight

KFJC presents the most ambitious live mic to date: 24-Hours of continuous drone performances, with absolutely no interruptions, live and direct from the KFJC Pit. Hosted by guest curator 24 Hour Drone and Nozmo King.

Time Artist
12:AM Flourescent Grey, Nommo Ogo, Dimentia
01:AM Phillip Ringler, Aaron Emery
02:AM Build128, Reverend Micah
03:AM The Norman Conquest, Preshish Moments
04:AM Barry Threw
05:AM Sarah E Palmer, Elery Royston
06:AM Travis Johns
07:AM Pink Canoes
08:AM Yoko Solo, The Norman Conquest
09:AM Amphibious Gestures, Hydrogen Pellets
10:AM Phillip Greenlief
11:AM Nux Vomica
12:PM Ben Bracken, Marielle Jakobsons, Michael Elrod
01:PM Mr. Harbour, LS-TTL
02:PM Die Elektrischen, Anon Day, Dan Voss, Sote
03:PM Polyglot Horde (aka Anti-Ear, Sharkiface, Loachfillet, Core Ogg: The Coalman, Take Up Serpents)
04:PM RKF, Xambuca, irr. app. (ext.)
05:PM Robert Rich
06:PM Dokuro (aka Agnes Szelag, The Norman Conquest)
07:PM Beytah
08:PM Ayako Kataoka, Suzanne Thorpe, Chuck Johnson
09:PM Joshua Churchill, Hana Lee, Andy Way
10:PM Zachary Watkins
11:PM The Norman Conquest, Preshish Moments